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Tom McNeeley

  • ESPN played a hunch to capture Rhode Island LLWS manager’s inspiring speech

    Rhode Island manager David Belisle's inspiring words to his team after a LLWS loss on Monday aired live on ESPN and touched many people.

  • Pierce and Garnett homecoming has familiar feel for ESPN’s McNeeley

    Brooklyn Nets’ stars Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett will make what is expected to be an emotional return to Boston this Sunday to face the...

  • ESPN Brings ‘Sounds of Omaha’ to CWS Coverage

    If you hear a fan crunch on a nacho or an outfielder snap his gum during a College World Series telecast, don’t worry, it was...

  • CWS CP McNeeley’s family ties

    From circa 1995, the four McNeeley brothers and father (left – right: Brian, Peter, Tom III, Tom Jr, and Shawn). ESPN Coordinating Producer Tom McNeeley...