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Matt Murphy

  • ICYMI: The week on Front Row; PLUS – NHRA drivers Force and Brown visit Bristol

    On Wednesday, NHRA drivers Courtney Force and Antron Brown visited ESPN’s Bristol, Conn. campus with their cars to participate in an ESPN Car Wash. Company... [READ IT]

  • WatchESPN Now
    Available on Apple TV

    Sports fans have a lot to look forward to this morning with the launch of WatchESPN on Apple TV. Similar to other platforms, live access... [READ IT]

  • WatchESPN now available on Kindle Fire Android devices

    It’s been a big year for WatchESPN in 2012, and in addition to the multiple platforms it is currently accessible on, the app is now... [READ IT]

  • WatchESPN delivers the 2012-13 College Football Bowl Season on Xbox

    In the spirit of the season, ESPN has launched a new slate of WatchESPN spots called Hugs focusing on why this time of year is... [READ IT]