New ‘Sports Business Journal’ reader survey cites ESPN as industry leader in several categories


ESPN-related highlights of SBJ/SBD Reader Survey

Sports network with the highest production values:
ESPN 28.9%
Fox 16.7%
NBC 15.1%
CBS 14.5%
Turner 2.8%
They are basically the same 17.5%

Network that does the best job covering the NFL:
ESPN 26.7%
Fox 22.2%
CBS 16.8%
NBC 13.8%
NFL Network 13.0%

Favorite sports-related mobile app:
ESPN ScoreCenter 25.6% At Bat 18.0%
WatchESPN 10.5%
CBS Sports Mobile 9.0%

TV network that has been the most innovative in the deployment of its live content on digital platforms:
ESPN 46.1%
MLB Network 13.3%
CBS Sports 11.0%
NBC Sports Group 9.2%
Fox Sports Group 7.1%

Afternoon studio program you watch the most:
“Pardon the Interruption” 37.9%
“Around the Horn” 8.2%

“The Jim Rome Show” 6.5%
“Fox Football Daily” 2.1%
“Pro Football Talk” 1.3%
“Crowd Goes Wild” 0.5%
Don’t watch any 43.4%

Family of networks best positioned to help leagues and sponsors reach Hispanic males:
Univision Deportes 39.0%
ESPN 25.9%
NBC Universal 11.3%
Fox 8.6%

Most influential person in sports business:
Roger Goodell 38.1%
John Skipper 16.6%
Bud Selig 7.9%
David Stern 5.8%
Sean McManus 5.5%

In its quest to serve sports fans, ESPN strives to be the cross-platform industry leader. A new poll of more than 1,700 Sports Business Journal/Sports Business Daily readers confirms the company’s position as the pacesetter among its peers.

The “9th Annual SBJ/SBD Reader Survey,” published Monday morning, cited ESPN as a leader in various media categories.

“ESPN easily garnered the most votes when readers were asked to select the network that has been the most innovative in deploying live content on digital platforms,” the publication concluded.

ESPN netted more than 46 percent of the vote in that category, more than the next four entities combined. Nearly 29 percent of the readers surveyed consider ESPN to have the highest production values, better than any of the other sports television networks listed.

ESPN’s ScoreCenter app — now relaunched as the SportsCenter app — and WatchESPN finished first and third, respectively, in the category of favorite “sports-related mobile app.”

ESPN was cited as the network that covers the NFL best with nearly 27 percent of the vote. ESPN President John Skipper (16.6 percent) ranked behind only NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (38.1) in the category of “most influential person in sports business.”

Survey takers voted Pardon The Interruption and Around The Horn first and second, respectively, among the most-watched afternoon studio programs. ESPN rated second only to Univision Deportes in the poll question asking which “family of networks [is] best positioned to help leagues and sponsors reach Hispanic males.”

  • Mike (from Florida)

    Question for Mike & Tony:
    Will the BCS voters make the same mistake they made last year in putting a team (Notre Dame) that can clearly NOT compete for the national championship by making Ohio State No.2 in the ranking against FSU ?
    Of course, this is assuming Ohio State will beat Michigan State for the Big 10. But, even if they do win the Big 10, they cannot be serious and put them up against FSU. It would be an embarrassment for the Big Ten and a waste of a game just like the Alabama / Notre Dame championship last year.
    Simply looking at a team’s record (Ohio State) for the ranking is not valid. Strength of schedule is a significant factor which is why Notre Dame should never have been in the national championship last year. Alabama, Auburn, even Missouri against FSU would be a much better match up.