ABC News reporter Bob Woodruff provides behind-the-scenes look at his latest collaboration with E:60

ABC News reporter Bob Woodruff continues his collaboration with ESPN’s newsmagazine program E:60 with a report airing tonight (ESPN, 7 p.m. ET) on “Peace Girl,” a child from a war-torn African country who played a role in ending the conflict more than 10 years ago.

“Peace Girl” was an orphaned toddler from Sierra Leone with a sweet smile and an amputated arm. Dignitaries, including Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and President Bill Clinton, flocked to her side. She became the poster child for putting an end to the atrocities committed by the militia in her homeland’s civil war. Woodruff’s report provides an update on Memuna McShane, now 17 and a high school athlete in Washington, D.C.

Memuna’s remarkable story of resilience was produced by E:60’s Matt Rissmiller. In the video above, Woodruff and Rissmiller discuss the process of making the report and the journey of the girl who was able to overcome the horrors of war, who charmed presidents and helped sway world opinion, and who has finally found her own peace in the “normal” life she always craved.

In October 2012, Woodruff contributed his first feature to E:60, a profile of retired UCLA football player Patrick Larimore. In that Front Row post, Woodruff explained that his friendship and working relationship with E:60 Coordinating Producer Michael Baltierra was one reason he became a special contributor to the program.

In its seventh season, E:60 continues to innovate long-form storytelling, enterprise reporting and production technique.

Video above produced by Tonya Malinowski

  • Dianne Hall

    I have been searching for the video that aired on E:60 on the Davan Overton Story. All I have found are snippets from the original airing. They all show the famous shot… I want the story behind the shot. I am teaching a group of 5 and 6 graders about courage. When I saw Davan’s full story… I was moved to tears. My intent was to share this with my students as an example of courage in our world today. If you can help please do!