Palmer & Pollack open for business


The dust is finally settling in Charlotte, N.C. after several months of construction.

Monday at 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. ET, ESPNU’s newest college football show, Palmer & Pollack, will debut.

The dynamic duo of ESPN analysts Jesse Palmer and David Pollack will be ushering in a new approach to covering the game on a brand-new set.

“So much work goes into creating each and every show, but a huge piece of the heavy lifting takes place in the weeks leading up to the debut,” said ESPNU producer Baron Miller.

“Set construction, video screens, lighting, cameras, audio enhancements, graphics, more lighting and any piece of the latest technology we can get our hands, the team’s worked hard to get into the set.”

Palmer & Pollack’s new digs was previously home to a six-year-old ESPNU set.

Construction began in May and while the installation took four weeks, finishing touches were still being made last week.

The duo’s home features 14 monitors.

“Nothing is ever a finished product,” said Miller. “The show will evolve each week, just like the football season, and viewers will see a similar evolution in how Jesse and David interact with the set.”

Thanks to time-lapse technology, however, Front Row was able to document the project from beginning to show debut.

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  • Pat Watkins

    How about “Tankles” for those hard hits? Like getting hit by a Tank!

  • Spencer

    What do you guys think of BYU this season? Will they finish strong?

  • Bert McCraw

    How do you have a show with no homepage or way to respond to comments. Palmer just said on Palmer and Pollock that Texas Tech or Texas Christian was the only team returning a 1000 yard rusher and receiver. false! One I know of for sure, South Carolina.
    Bert McCraw
    Huntersville, NC

  • Mike

    All of the football analysis is fine but what we all want to know is more about the West Virginia hot dog that you raved about. Football is fun but food is the real thing.

  • David heathcoat

    Do yall think tennessee will go 8/5 or possibly 9/4 this season and will tyler bray emerge as a great qb

    • Gracie Blackburn

      Hi everyone. Thanks for your interest in the show! It’s great to see. You can send your questions via twitter @Palmer_Pollack,
      visit the ESPNU Facebook page, or direct feedback through our Contact Us form on Thanks again!